How To Set Up Your Viator Integration

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  • How do I connect my ZOZI Advance account with Viator?
  • How do I deactivate my Viator integration?
  • Where do I find my API Token and Supplier ID?
  • How do I know if my Viator integration is working?
  • Am I mapping to the correct person categories?
  • Does ZOZI charge fees for bookings made through Viator?

What is Viator Integration?

ZOZI Advance seamlessly integrates with your Viator account so you can manage all your bookings from one place. Real-time availability on Viator means you'll never double book, and capacity adjustments made in Advance will be reflected in Viator. You'll need to create a Viator account separately before ZOZI Advance can connect. 

Pricing Tier: Viator integration is available for all Premium accounts on ZOZI Advance.

Viator integration only works with activities, as Viator does not support rentals.

When Should I Use Viator Integration?

  • Save time and manage all your online bookings in one place
  • Increase bookings by providing another place for customers to find you and book
  • Eliminate double booking because Viator is automatically synced with ZOZI Advance 

For Example:

  • “I don’t want to log into two systems to access my bookings.”
  • “I don’t want to double book because I have to keep my real time capacity updated in two systems.”

How Do I Set Up My Viator Integration? 

1. Contact Viator

You'll need to contact your Viator account manager to start the integration process. All Viator reps are aware ZOZI has this capability and can assist you. They need to provide you with two pieces of information:

  • Supplier ID - This is your unique Viator ID so that Viator can talk with ZOZI
  • API Token - Similar to a password, this unique token ensures security between Viator and ZOZI.

This process may take 2 - 4 weeks. Work with your Viator rep to determine the exact timing.

2. Connect to Viator in ZOZI

Go to the Distribute tab in the main navigation and select Connect for Viator.

You'll need your Viator API Token and Supplier ID from your Viator account manager for the next step. Enter both values in the Connect Settings.

Once you've entered this info, click Save. You can always go back to edit these settings if necessary.

3. Add Products and Availabilities

Now you must add all your products and availabilities that you want to connect to Viator. You can connect as many products as you like as long as they exist in your Viator account. 

At this time, you can only connect tour and activity products to Viator.  Viator does not support rental technology at this time.  To connect a new product, select the ellipses then Connect New Product.

You can only connect one product at a time.  Here is the information to fill in:

  • Product: Select the product you want to connect to Viator.
  • Viator Tour Code: Enter the name of your product.  This lets Viator know how to correctly link your ZOZI products to Viator.
  • Viator Ticket Linking: Viator only allows the following ticket types: Adult, Child, Youth, Infant, Senior. You need to link each ticket type to a person category in ZOZI. It is okay to leave them blank if they don't apply.
  • Enter Option Code: Each availability in ZOZI must be linked to an availability in Viator.  
    • You do not have to link all your availabilities, only the ones you want to sell on Viator.  
    • You can link a single ZOZI availability to multiple Viator availabilities (necessary when multiple tours have the same start time)
    • Select the availability you want to link from the dropdown and enter the start time in the 'Enter Option Code' box. This lets Viator know how to correctly link your ZOZI products to Viator.

Only the availabilities that are linked will appear in Viator.

When finished, click Save.

As you connect more products, you should see them listed under Viator.

You can expand each product to see the selection details. You can also edit the details at any point in time.

4. Contact ZOZI Support to Finalize Integration

After you've set up the availabilities in the Distribute Tab, you'll need to contact ZOZI support at to let them know you have finalized the setup. This may take a few days as we wait for Viator to finalize the integration. You can email ZOZI support or easily contact us by clicking the Need Help button in the lower right to leave us a message. 

Then shoot us a quick note like the following:

5. Wait for Viator's Email Confirmation

Once Viator has turned on your integration, they will send you an email letting you know when the integration is live. Until Viator notifies you that the integration is live, please continue to enter Viator bookings manually into ZOZI Advance.

How Do I Stop Receiving Bookings From Viator?

You can deactivate any products to stop receiving bookings from Viator. To deactivate a product, simply click the ellipses for that product and then Deactivate.

More questions?

See Viator Integration FAQ or give our support team a call. 




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