How Do I Check In And Check Out My Rental Units?

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  • How do I check in, check out rentals products?

What is Check In and Check Out (CICO)?

Check in, check out, or CICO, allows you to easily keep track of your rental inventory. You can quickly see which units are out in the field and which are available to rent. Check in/check out for rental products is tracked by unit. This is different than CICO for tours or activities, which is per person. CICO can be used for hourly, daily, or nightly rental products. You can enable it at the product level under the Options Tab

Pricing Tier: Check In/Check Out is available for all Premium ZOZI Advance users.

When Should I Use Check In, Check Out?

  • To prevent theft and loss of your valuable rental inventory
  • To track what rental products are available

How Do I Enable Check In, Check Out For A Rental Product?


In order for your rental units to be checked in and checked out, you must first enable Check In, Check Out at the product level.

  1. Click on a specific product. Go to the 'Options' tab.
  2. Check the 'Check-In/Check-Out' box.
  3. Click 'Save'.

How Can I Check In And Check Out My Rental Units? 

You can check in and check out units from two places: From the Dashboard, and from an individual booking.

To check in and check out units from the Dashboard:

Go to your dashboard.


  1. Click on the 3 gray dots on the booking to access the side navigation for check in and check out.
  2. Check in/check out all units from both the Dashboard and the slide-in navigation bar.
  3. Check in/check out specific units from the slide-in navigation bar, as shown below.


To check in and check out units from a booking:

Staff members can check in and check out individual units on the Merchant Booking Form under the 'Units' section. 


  1. Start from the booking. Click the three gray dots next to the unit.
  2. Click "Check In" or "Check Out" here. 
  3. You can bulk check in and out units if there are multiple on one booking.

How Do I Tell Which Units Are Checked In And Checked Out?

Checked out units look like this:

Checked in units look like this:

CICO information is visible in two places: the Dashboard, or in Reporting.

It looks like this on the Dashboard:

In order to see CICO status on the Dashboard, select the customized columns here. 

It looks like this in Reports:

The following reports will contain CICO information: Bookings, Manifest, and Check In/Check Out Reports. New fields in these reports include:

    • Checked-Out User (user's email address that checked out the units)
    • Checked-In User (user's email address that checked in the units)
    • Checked Out Date/Time
    • Checked In Date/Time
    • Units checked out (# of units and names)
    • Units checked in (# of units and names)

Here is a specific rental check in/out report. Quickly get a view of all units in the field by selecting 'Non checked-in Units'. Or you can view a log of all units by selecting 'All Rental Units'. 

Here is the report for 'All Rental Units' showing a log of who checked the unit out and when. 


Does the rental duration change based on the CICO date/time stamp?

No. CICO simply records the date/time when the user manually changes the status.  It does not affect the duration of the booking nor the price.

Is there any automated communication with CICO?

No. CICO does not trigger any emails.

Is this supported on the Mobile App?

No, check in/check out for rental units is not yet supported on the mobile app.




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