How can I run a tax report for my bookkeeper?

Advance makes it easy to quickly run a booking report for tax purposes at the end of the year. To set up this kind of report, go to the Reports Tab and find the Booking Report (it's the first one).

Click Customize Report on the right to select which fields you want to display. For tax purposes, we recommend you select the following fields (but you can customize it anyway you want):

Click Save then Close to return to the Reports Tab. 

  • Select 'Date of activity or rental' to make sure the report only shows bookings that were paid in that calendar year
  • Select January 1st to December 31st for start and end dates for the year you are doing your taxes
  • You can run the report for all products or select a specific product
  • Select Confirmed and Cancelled to only show transacted payments

After you've made your selections, click Run Report to either view in the browser (as shown below) or download to an excel file to send to your bookkeeper. 


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