How do I set up my products for booking requests?

You can set your Booking Confirmation preferences to take pending bookings if you want to review each booking before confirming.  From the customer's perspective, pending bookings act as a booking request that you can manually confirm or decline.  They are handy in the following situations:

  • Infrequent activities or tours that need preparation time
  • If you want to have further communication with customer before confirming their booking

By default, all products are set to Auto-Confirm bookings.  Booking Confirmation preferences can be set per product level for Activity/Tour and Rentals. Go to the Options Tab for an individual product to change the Booking Confirmation preferences.

Auto-confirm bookings will accept customer bookings immediately. Payment at the time of booking depends on Payment Rules for that product.

Manual bookings will mark customer bookings as pending until you manually confirm or decline them. Manual bookings work both online and for back-office bookings. 

  • For the online bookings, customers must enter their credit card number when making a booking request, however the card is not charged until the request is confirmed.  Once you have confirmed the booking, you may charge the card on file (NOTE: charging the card on file is a separate step).
    • The card is not charged if the booking is declined. 
    • Customers will receive a 'Pending Booking' email when the booking request is made.  They will receive a 'Booking Confirmed' or 'Booking Declined' email after action is taken.
  • For backend bookings, you can either Confirm and Process Payment or Save as Pending and Hold Card.  The credit card is NOT charged if the booking is saved as pending. 

  • For all pending bookings, you must either Confirm or Decline them. Pending bookings never expire and will remain with status as "pending" until confirmed or declined.

*Once Confirmed, you still need to manually process the payment for this booking. 

Bookings can be filtered by their booking status when searching on the Dashboard. 

Confirming and Declining bookings is only supported in the web version at this time.  This functionality will be available in the mobile app soon.



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