Setting Up General Admission Tickets Using Custom Labels

General admission tickets are easy to configure in Advance using Custom Labels for Tours & Activities. Here are some common examples for general admission tickets:

  • Daily passes or tickets
  • Morning Tours or Afternoon Tours
  • Sunrise or Sunset Tours
  • Sweet or Savory Food Tours
  • Red or White Wine Tours
  • Language Tours for the same tour (French, Chinese, Spanish, English)

What is a Custom Label?

Custom labels let you adjust the display of start times and end times for Tour/Activity products to show more general ticket names, like above.

See the below screenshots from the online booking flow. The left example has a specific start time of 2:00 PM. The right version is using Custom Labels to replace the start time with the custom text field of "1-Day Pass".


How do I set up Custom Labels?

Custom labels can be set up for individual Tour/Activity products in the Calendar Tab.

Select the custom label checkbox and enter the text you want for the label:

The following tags can also be used to make the label more dynamic:

  • #startdate - Product start date
  • #starttime - Product start time
  • #enddate - Product end date
  • #endtime - Product end time
  • #startdow - Product start day of week
  • #enddow - Product end day of week
  • #totalcapacity - Total capacity for this product
  • #remainingcapacity - Remaining capacity for this product
  • #usedcapacity - Current used capacity for this product
  • #startenddatetime - Includes start time, end time, and date for this product

Here are a few examples of the hashtags at work:




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