How can I check someone in for a tour or an activity?

The check-in feature is a good way to help tour guides or class instructors see who has arrived and who is still missing for your tours, activities, classes, or events. Customers can be checked-in on your front desktop computer or on the mobile app for guides working in the field.  Check-in is available for Plus and Premium accounts. 

The Check-In feature can be enabled per product for a Tour/Activity products only.  Check-Ins for rentals is not available at this time.

To enable check-ins, select a Tour/Activity product and go to the Options tab. Then select Enable check-in for this activity.

How do I actually check someone in?

Once enabled, you can check in customers two ways: Mobile App or Backend Merchant Booking Form.

Mobile App: The Check-In selection can be found for each individual booking.  Check-ins are applied to all participants in the booking. 

Backend Merchant Booking Form: The Check-In selection is found under an existing booking. Click on a booking in the dashboard, expand the "booking items" section to see the orange check-in button. Check-ins are applied to all participants in the booking.  


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