How do I customize the fields in the Customer Info section?

Different businesses might want to collect different kinds of customer info.  For example:

  • A brewery tour might just need customer name and email
  • A River Rafting company might need name, email, phone, and address so they can mail preparation documents
  • Businesses will want to capture company name for their private corporate tours but don't need company name for their public tour offerings

You can customize which information you want to collect from customers via the online booking form or the backend booking form using Customer Info Preferences

The Customer Info fields can be changed under settings:

The following fields can be toggled to show/hide for both the merchant booking form (backend bookings) and the customer checkout flow (online bookings). Fields can also be set to be required. 

Office Notes allow staff to take notes for each booking that are private and internal to your business.  They are not visible to the customer.

Customer Comments field shows up in the checkout flow for online bookings so your customers can make special requests or comments to you.  These comments are visible to the customer and will be included in the confirmation email. It looks like this:



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