How do I set an online booking cutoff time for my activities or rentals?

Businesses that need a specific period of time to prepare for an activity or rental might want to set cut off times for online bookings. Cutoff times are used for scenarios such as:

  • Early morning tours to ensure customers don't book late the night before
  • A tour that needs time to hire specific guides to to lead a unique adventure
  • Sailboat rentals that need time to prepare riggings and supplies
  • Time to prepare meals for tours that offer lunch options

Cutoffs can be set for activities or tours and are defined within each product in the Options tab:

Cutoff times can be set for minimum and maximum durations. For example:

  • Min online cutoff time = 24 hours
  • Max online cutoff time = 90 days

In this case, customers can only book online within 90 days of the start of the activity or rental but cannot book less than 24 hours before the start of the activity or rental.  Maximum cutoff times can be used if future schedules and resources for your business are undecided. 

The largest allowable duration for minimum or maximum cutoff times is 365 days. 


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