How do I set up nightly rentals?

Nightly setup is good for rentals that are picked up during the day and returned the following day or multiple days in the future.  Some common examples of nightly rentals are: 

  • Mountain bike rentals
  • Scooters or motorcycles
  • Overnight transportation equipment

To set up a nightly pricing product, go to the Products page and click New.

Select Rental

Select Nightly, then continue.

The Details Page is where you can:

  • Provide a rental name and short description
  • Select the color that shows up on the calendar
  • Add questions that are displayed to your customers during checkout

The Equipment Page lists all your equipment inventory and is where you assign equipment to this rental.

Select which units you want to include in this rental

  • Click the Add New Equipment Button to create a new equipment category. 
  • The Edit Button for the equipment category can add more units to that category or rename the category
  • The Edit Button for individual units can renames or delete units

The Pricing Page is where you configure pricing and availabilities for your rentals.

The pricing and availability set up in Advance makes it easy to configure even the most complex rate and time structures.  This allows for setups that contain: 

  • Multiple seasons (summer season vs winter season)
  • Price per rental ($/weekday night, $/weekend night, $/holiday)
  • Or price per person ($/adult)
  • Prices based on time of use ($80/night for 1 - 3 nights and $70/night for four or more nights)

The set up allows for any combination of these scenarios to ensure parity with your business. 

For weekly pricing, one week equals 7 nights (Monday to Monday). For monthly pricing, one month equals 30 or 31 days depending if the rental starts in a month with 30 days or 31 days.  

The Photo Page allows you to upload a photo for this rental.  

The Emails Page allows you to customize four automated emails.

  • Confirmation - Sent soon after the customer has completed their booking and transaction. 
  • Reminder - Sent out 4 days prior to the date of the rental.
  • Review - Sent out 1 week after the rental is completed. 
  • Cancellation/Refund -In the event you cancel and/or refund a customer, an email will automatically be sent to the customer notifying them of the cancellation/refund.  

The Widgets Page contains the embeddable HTML code to place Book It buttons on your website.  

Finally, click  to complete your rental set up.  You can always go back and edit any of the rental parameters. 

ZOZI Advance also supports Hourly and Daily rentals.


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