How do I define weekends and holidays?

Since customer demand is often higher during weekends and holiday periods, it is wise to increase prices during these times to obtain additional revenue. The system allows you to configure holidays so that you can use them to specify different prices during these periods.  

Holidays can be configured by going to the Gear icon, then Advanced Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the page:

Weekends - Using the dropdown, you can define what you consider weekends.  This will impact how items are priced during weekend periods (if you have different prices for weekday vs weekend).  The choices are:

  • Friday/Saturday
  • Saturday/Sunday
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Holidays can be configured for any date of your choosing by clicking 

To quickly list all the US National Holidays, click the 'Add national holidays' link.  You can customize holiday names, dates, and status.  You can also delete any holidays by clicking the 'X' on the right. 

Go to the Pricing Page for individual products to define the specific prices you want to charge during weekend and holiday periods.  


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