How do I set up and assign guides for my tours or activities?

To set up tour guides or instructors go to the Gear icon   in the upper right-hand side and then Users. Create a new user or select an existing user that will be a guide.  Check off the box next to "This user is a guide" under Guide Management.

Be sure to enter the guide's email address and phone number to receive notifications.  Notification preferences can be set for email or SMS text message for the following:

  • Availability Assignment or Unassignment
  • Change in availability date/time
  • Availability cancellation
  • New booking
  • Booking changes
  • Booking Cancellations  

Click on the orange Save button in the top corner of the page to apply these settings.

How do I assign a guide to an availability?

Guides can be assigned to single availabilities from the Calendar tab.  To assign guides, click on an availability and select one or more guides from the dropdown.   

Click on the orange Save button to apply the guide to the availability. Based on the Notification Settings in place, guides will receive an email and/or SMS text notification that they have been assigned to the availability. 

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