How do I set up an agent, vendor, or concierge to sell my products on my behalf?

An agent is an external user that makes bookings on behalf of your business. An agent can be concierge, travel agent, vendor or another person that processes bookings for you. Agent management can track commissions using the agent/commissions report.

Note: A user can be an agent by using their login email as the agent code.  This is also a great way to see how many bookings your front desk staff are making.  

Adding an Agent

Add an agent by going to the Gear icon   in the upper right-hand side and then select Agents.  Click Add New and you'll get a form like this:

Fill in the required fields.

  • Agent Code is a unique code for this particular agent.  It is used to identify them when they make a booking.  
  • Status is the current status of this agent: Active, Inactive, Deleted

*NOTE: For all admin users that are also agents, the Agent Code MUST be the admin user email address. 


  • Type determines if the agent commission is calculated pre-tax or post-tax
  • Percentage calculates the commission based the type described above

*NOTE: Commissions are not automatically paid to agents.  This must be handled manually between the business and the agent.


  • Copy Agent on Emails - Allows you to specify if the booking agent should receive a copy of confirmation emails to the customer.
  • Payment Required on Booking - Allows you to specify if a reservation made by this agent requires a payment at time of reservation or not. Checking this box requires that customers pay at time of booking.
  • Recalculate Commissions on Save - Checking this box will update the commission structure by recalculating all existing bookings made by this agent. For an example, if an agent made a booking last week 15% but their percentage was increase to 20% going forward...checking this box will increase previous commission payments from 15% to 20% on those previous bookings. 

Agent Permissions

Booking agents cannot log on to the administration system. However, an agent can enter an agent code when making a reservation, thereby making it possible to track the reservation made by the agent. 

This article explains how agents take bookings.  

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