How do I issue a refund?

You can only refund a booking if the booking has a negative balance. Here are some reasons why you may have a negative balance:

  • The customer paid too much
  • The customer switches to a cheaper activity or option
  • The customer decreases their ticket quantity
  • The reservation is canceled
  • You apply a promotion or voucher code to a reservation retroactively 

Once the balance of the reservation is negative, take the following steps to issue a refund

Find the reservation you wish to refund in your dashboard. Use the Search Icon (magnifying glass) to search for a customer by name, booking code, email, or activity. Click on the reservation. 

Remember, you can only issue a refund if the booking has a negative balance. This means that you must first cancel the booking (see How do I cancel a booking) , apply a new voucher or promotion code, change their activity choice to a cheaper option, or decrease the number of people on the reservation. 

On the edit booking page, scroll down to the Payments section of the screen. Click once on the Payments section to expand and then click on the Refund button in the left hand corner. 

Select the payment type for the refund. You can only issue a Credit Card refund if the customer paid for their reservation using a credit card. 

To issue a partial refund, change the $ Amount to your desired quantity and click PROCESS 

Your refund should then be processed and completed.  


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