How do I customize my email templates?

Each time a customer makes a booking, they will automatically receive a confirmation, reminder and review email. For each of your activities, you are able to add additional custom language to the existing email templates. 

  • Confirmation email - this is sent immediately after the customer has completed their reservation. This is generally used as a proof of payment or receipt for the customer. 
  • Reminder email -  This can be sent any number of days before the event you like (see 'Email Timings' below). It's a great place to put simple reminders regarding the cancellation/refund policy, what the customer should bring to their activity, or where to meet for the activity. 
  • Review email - This can be sent any number of days after an event you like (see 'Email Timings' below). Many merchants use this space to put their Yelp, TripAdvisor, or social media links. 
  • Cancellation/Refund email - this email is sent automatically if you cancel a booking or issue a refund.

To edit your email templates: 

Go to the ACTIVITIES tab, and click on the activity you wish to edit

Then navigate to the EMAILS tab. To see a preview of what the email looks like to your customers, click on the orange PREVIEW button to the right of the content box. To add additional language to your emails, type your content into the boxes for the confirmation, reminder, review, and cancellation emails.  You can also add links and images to your custom emails. 

When you finish making your edits, click SAVE & CONTINUE, to save your changes


  • Remember that each of your activities has its own set of email templates. If you want the same email template for all activities, be sure to copy and paste that language for each activity. 
  • Each of the templates is fully HTML supported. Remember to preview your email templates and check your formatting!  For more information on how to add images and links, see: How do I add links and images to an automatic email? 
  • For additional help in HTML formatting, contact ZOZI Advance Support. 
Reminder and Review Email Timing:  
You can set a time before and after the activity for the customer to receive the reminder and review automated emails. Email timing settings can be found in 'Advanced Settings' of the gear icon. 
  • Reminder email: 
    Enter an amount of days before the date of event to send the customer an automated reminder email.
    Example: Reminder email sent 4 days before event with location and time of booking
  • Review & thank you email:
    Enter an amount of days after the event has taken place to thank the customer and ask them to leave a review. 
    Example: Review email sent two days after event to thank them for coming and please leave a review. 

Screenshot of Email Timing found in 'Advanced Settings':

Q. Can you change the custom email timing for a specific product and not have to default to the global settings for all the other products? 
Example: For my bike tour I want the email to go out 2 doors before, for the rest of my tours I just want the default settings.

A. Yes! Go into the specific product. Click the 'emails' tab and there you will see the option to leave as 'Global' or click the drop down box to change to 'Custom'.




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