How do I set up Gift Cards?

ZOZI Advance allows you to sell Gift Cards for specific dollar amounts and/or specific activities on your website. After a customer purchases a gift card, they will receive an email that they can forward to the lucky recipient. The email contains a gift card code that can be used when booking an activity. 

To create a Gift Card click on the 
PROMOTE tab and select GIFT CARDS. 

Click on the orange "NEW+" button to create a new gift certificate.  

You will be taken through 4 simple steps to set up your new gift card  

1) Details: On this page, enter the following information: 

  • Name - Title for your Gift Card, i.e. the title of the activity, or indicator of the value ("Distillery Tour Gift Certificate" or "$100 Gift Certificate for Tasty Adventures". 
  • Short Description 
  • Long Description
  • Terms & Conditions 
  • Value - This is the total value of the gift certificate 
  • Purchase Price - This is the sale price of the gift certificate. This number can be lower than the value. For example, if you wanted to sell a $100 gift card for $80, the Value would be $100 and the Purchase Price would be $80. 
  • Redemption Time from Purchase how long do customers have to redeem their gift certificate before it expires?  
  • Valid for add ons - Checking this box will allow customers to apply their gift certificate towards add-ons.  
  • Activities - Check the box for each activity you wish the gift certificate to apply. Select none for all activities. 

Press "Save & Continue" to save your changes and continue to the next step. 

2) Photos: On this page, click on the white box to upload an image from your computer. This image will appear to customers who purchase your gift certificate. It will also be visible in the email sent to the customer upon purchasing a Gift Card.  

Press "Continue" to move on to the next step 

3) Emails: This is a preview of the confirmation email. The purchaser of the gift certificate will receive and email confirmation like this that they can print or forward to their gift card recipient.   

4) Widgets: The widgets page will provide you with the HTML code to embed a "Purchase Gift Cards" button on your website. Copy the HTML code into the HTML code of your website to embed the button. 

If you prefer to use your own image or button, your gift certificates have a unique URL (website address), and you can point your button/image to this URL. Copy the website address by right-clicking on one of the green "Purchase Gift Card" buttons and selecting "Copy Link Address". 

Please Note: The Purchase Price does not include any taxes or fees. When a gift recipient applies the gift card code to the purchase, ZOZI fees and taxes will not apply unless the total amount is greater than the gift card value. If you have a merchant tax you need to apply to the gift card, you can add it to the purchase price. 


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