How do I set up a Facebook page with my booking buttons?

You can incorporate the Booking Buttons or Calendar widget on your website by using some third-party tools. ZOZI is not aligned with and does not endorse any of these third party sites or tools, but here are some that we've tried.

1. Log into your business's Facebook account.
2. Search for "html" in your search bar and find the Static HTML application:

3. Click on the button to Add Static HTML to a Page: 

4. Click on the WELCOME tab on business's Facebook page. 
5. Click on the EDIT TAB button:

6. From here, you will be prompted to enter in your custom HTML code for your buttons. Use these help articles to find your widget code:

7. If you would like to customize your page a little, here is some information on how to add links and images to that HTML page: 


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