How do I set up hourly prices for my rental? I want to charge $15 for the first hour with every subsequent hour being $12/hour.

Rental pricing can configured on the Pricing Page.

Choose the season where you want to configure tiered pricing in the Seasons section.  This rental example has a Summer Season and Winter Season but you can configure your seasons in anyway you want.

Choose the pricing rule where you want to configure tiered pricing.  This example only has one pricing rule that applies to all days of the week, but you can configure as many pricing rules as you want to set up pricing that applies to different days of the week.

Click Edit to edit the pricing rule and scroll to the pricing matrix. 

The pricing matrix is where you can define specific prices based on lengths of time.  This is showing that renting a unit for 1 hour will cost $15/hour. This can be edited by clicking the Edit link below the "1 hour ($ / 1 hour)".  To set up a time, click New Time. 

A dialog box appears allowing you to configure a new time to set a price for.  You can add a new time that is priced for a specific length of time (2 hours) or a range of time (2 - 8 hours).  To set a different price for rentals longer than 1 hour, set the range pricing from 2 hours to 23 hours (at the moment 23 hours is the maximum time you can set pricing for).

Click Create to set the new pricing time.  The price matrix should now look like this, and you can set prices for those time ranges by clicking on the blue prices in the matrix.

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