I have a 4 hour rate and an 8 hour rate, how do I set this?

Rental pricing can configured on the Pricing Page.

Choose the season where you want to configure different rates.  This rental example has a Summer Season and Winter Season but you can configure your seasons in anyway you want.

Choose the pricing rule where you want to configure different pricing rates.  This example only has one pricing rule that applies to all days of the week, but you can configure as many pricing rules as you want to set up pricing that applies to different days of the week, learn how to set up weekday vs weekend pricing

Click  to edit the pricing rule and scroll down to the pricing matrix.

To edit an existing pricing length, click the Edit Link here:

A dialog box will popup where you can edit the length of time you want to set the rate for.  Here we are setting up a 4 hour rate.  

Click Update to save.
To set up a new length of time, click  in the pricing matrix and follow the same process to set up an 8 hour length of time.  The pricing matrix should now look like it does below.  Click the blue prices to set a 4 hour rate and an 8 hour rate.

Click  in the pricing rules and  at the top of the pricing page to save all your changes.

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