How Do I Hold A Customer's Card On File To Use For Future Payments?

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What is The Hold Card Feature?

When customers book online, their credit cards are held on file so remaining balances and additional payments can be made using the same card. The hold card feature is only viewable for backend bookings

When making or editing a booking, you have the option to pay with a saved credit card like this:


How Much Can I Charge on a Hold Card?

Additional charges using a saved card cannot be more than 100% of the original booking amount. For example, if the original booking amount is $30, the merchant can use hold card to charge an additional $30 for a total of $60.

How Do I Hold a Credit Card on the ZOZI Advance Mobile App?

1. From the booking screen, go to 'Make a Payment'.


2.Reduce the amount to $0.00, and select 'Credit Card'. 


3. Click on 'Manually enter card info', enter credit card information & click on 'Charge $0.00'. This will save the card on file for you to take a payment later.


4. Next time you make a payment for that booking, when you click 'Credit Card' as a payment option, you will see your saved card.

How Long Will it Hold the Card for?

Hold cards expire 3 days after the reservation ends.

Is the Hold Card Feature Secure?

Yes. For security purposes, stored cards will never show more than the last 4 digits of the credit card.

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