How do I set up a preauthorization to take a security deposit?

Security deposits, sometimes referred to as preauthorizing a credit card or preauth hold, is typically used when customers rent high value items that can be damaged or stolen.  Some examples includes bicycles, JetSkis, boats, etc.  Activity providers can also take security deposit if there is a risk guests may damage expensive equipment.

ZOZI Advance has the ability to preauthorize a credit card for security deposits.  This feature is available for rental and activity products.  It is available for Plus and Premium Tiers only. 

To set up preauthorization, go to an individual product and then Pricing Tab:

Scroll to the Payment Rules section where you can set up pre-auth:

Preauthorization can be defined at a global level or a per product level. To set up preauth at a global level, go to the Gear Icon and then Preauthorization Rules.

There are number of Preauthorization rules that can be set up.  For rentals, the most common is Per Unit because it acts as a security deposit for each piece of equipment. For activities, the most common is Per Person

  • Global: This sets the preauth rules for an individual product to follow the global rules which are set in Advance settings. 
  • Per Product: Preauthorization amount is administered per product.  For example, if preauth is $100 for a boat rental and $150 for a kayak rental.  The total preauth amount for a booking that contained a boat and kayak rental would bee $250. 
  • Per Booking: Preauthorization amount is administered per booking.  If the preauth amount is $500 per booking, using the same example as above, the total preauth amount would be $500. 
  • Per Unit: This is the most common for rentals. Preauth amount is administered per unit. If the amount is $100 per unit and the booking contained 6 kayaks, the total preauth amount would be $600. 
  • Per Person: This is the most common for activity operators. If the preauth amount is $25 per person and there are 3 people on the booking, the total booking amount would be $75.

Once selecting the preauth rules, you can set the preauth amount here:

To finish, click Save at the top of the page. Click here to learn how to charge preauthorization amount for you bookings.  


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