How do I upload vouchers from a third party deal site like Groupon or LivingSocial?

Go to the PROMOTE tab and select VOUCHERS

On the Voucher page, click on the gray "Upload" button in the upper right-hand side  

On the 'Upload Vouchers' page, enter in the details for your voucher (definitions below), then click "Upload

  • Group Name: The list name for the batch of voucher codes you are loading. I.e. "Groupon Fall 2014" 
  • Number of Persons: The number of people per voucher code 
  • Dates of Activity or Rental: The start and end date for your voucher code. This is the date range for the actual date of the activity or reservation.
  • Dates of Booking Creation: The start and end date for the time range that a booking needs to be made. This is the date that the customer makes their reservation not the date of the activity. 
  • Days of the week: Specify which days of the week the voucher is valid for. I.e. if you want your Groupon codes to only be valid for weekdays, only select Monday-Friday.  
  • Products: Check the box next to each activity that the vouchers apply to. 
In many cases, you may find that Activity Dates and Booking Dates are the same time range. We have the functionality available for you in the case that you want to separate them. The example shown below means that the customer must make their booking between 3/1/15 and 3/31/15, but they can make their booking for any activity date until 12/31/15.

Paste your list of voucher redemption codes into the box labeled "Vouchers", with one voucher code per line 

Select "Upload

Congratulations, your voucher codes are uploaded, and customers can now use their voucher codes online to make a booking! 


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