How do I set up additional user accounts?

If there are multiple people in your business who help manage reservations, you can create individual logins for them and grant them either admin or user level access.

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To create a new user for your account, click on the Gear icon   in the upper right-hand side and then UsersFrom the User Dashboard, click on the orange "ADD NEW" button to create a new user account. 

Fill in the First & Last Name, email address, phone number, and password for the user. Create specific user permissions or check "This user is an admin" if you'd like to grant admin permissions to the user. If this user will be a guide or instructor, check "This user is a guide" and create specific notification settings. When you are finished, press save to create the account. The user will now be able to sign into ZOZI Advance using their email and the password you created. 

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