How do I set up group discounts?

Access the ACTIVITIES tab at the top of the page and choose the specific activity you would like to set up group discounts for.

Once you have access the specific activity, click on the PRICING tab for that activity. 

Important: What is the difference between Per Person and Per Activity pricing? 
  • Per Person: You are setting the price for each person's reservation. Ex: If the price is set to $10, if you book for 1 person the cost will be $10. The cost for 2 people would be $20, and so on.
  • Per Activity: You are setting the price for that entire reservation, no matter how many people are in the group. Ex: If the price is set to $10, if you book for 1 person the cost will be $10. If you book for 2 people, the cost would still be for $10, etc. 
Under the Base Pricing section, you can indicate different prices depending on how many people are in the reservation.

Anything that is underlined in blue font can be edited. To set up group discounts, indicate how many people would need to be in that group to warrant a discount and what that new price would be for each price category. 

You can set up multiple group discounts by clicking on the GROUP+ button. In the example shown above, we have a $5 discount for Adults and Child tickets if they make a reservation for 3-4 people. There is an even larger group discount if the customer books a reservation for 5-10 people. 

Important: The price you indicate for group pricing will be the price per person. For instance, in the example listed above, this means that if you have a group of 3 people, each person's price will now be $15. A party of 3 would result in a $45 subtotal. 

To change the price, simply click on the underlined blue value next to the dollar sign ($) and type in the new value you would like to add. 

Once you're done with setting up your group discounts, be sure to click SAVE AND CONTINUE in order to save your work. Now the group discounts will automatically calculate for your customers during their checkout process!

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