How do I Assign Taxes to an Activity?

You have the ability to set up tax rates for any or all of your activities. You will need to first create those tax rates by going to your ADVANCED SETTINGS under your Settings. Once you are on this page, scroll down to the section titled Tax Rates.

Here you can click the TAX RATE+ button and enter in the name of that tax rate. You also will need to enter the percentage rate. If you would like to add multiple tax rates, click on the TAX RATE+ button again to add more rates. If you would like to delete a rate, click on the button to the right of the rate. 

For more information on how to set up your tax rates, click here.

Once you've set up all of the different tax rates you may need, go to the specific activity you would like to set the rate for. Access the PRICING tab and go to the Tax Rate section. 

Choose the rate you'd like, and then click SAVE AND CONTINUE. The tax rate will now be automatically added to your customers' reservations!

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