How do I Set Up Seasonal Pricing?

Using Seasonal Pricing directs the system to automatically adjust prices for your activities depending on the day of the week, or the time of the year. You can set this up at the Products level.  

Access the specific activity you would like to set up seasonal pricing for and then click on the Pricing tab.

From here, scroll down to the header for Seasonal Pricing. Click on the gray ADD + button to add additional levels of seasonal pricing. Fill in the fields for the date range you would like this price to be active (Start Date and End Date). You can even indicate which days of the week you want this price to be active for within that date range. Finally you can indicate the new pricing change for that date range. 

Important: The value you input will be the change from the base pricing. So, if your normal price is $10/person and you would like the price to now be $9/person, you would put the value of $-1 or -10%. 

Once you're done adding in your seasonal prices, make sure to click SAVE AND CONTINUE before you leave the page. 


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