When are automatic emails sent out to my customers?

Each time a customer purchases one of your experiences, they receive a series of emails from you automatically. There are 4 different automatic emails that get sent out to customers.  

  1. Confirmation - The confirmation email is sent out immediately after the customer has completed their booking and transaction. 
  2. Reminder - This is an opportunity to include important details about the experience and any reminders. You can customize how long the reminder email gets sent before the start of the activity.
  3. Review - Include links to Trip Advisor, Yelp, or Facebook to boost your reviews. The review email timing can also be customized. 

  1. Cancellation/Refund - In the event that you cancel a reservation or refund a customer, the customer will be automatically sent an confirmation email notifying them of the cancellation/refund. 

You can customize each of these email templates, for each or your activities. See: How do I customize my email templates?


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