How Do I Know If I've Been Paid?

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  • What is a Disbursement Report?
  • How do I download my Disbursement Report?

What Is A Disbursement Report?

All of your payments are disbursed automatically via direct deposit at the date of activity, Monday - Friday, in a report called your Disbursement Report. You can see all your past and future estimated payments by downloading it. The report will also show your net takeaway for each customer charge and refund. 

Pricing Tier: All levels of ZOZI Advance include Disbursement Reports.

How To Download Your Disbursement Report 

See below for step-by-step guide to downloading your report, and a Glossary of terms for understanding your payments. 

  1. Go to the 'Reports' Tab. 
  2. Under 'Disbursement Report' select a date range.
  3. To customize what columns  appear in your Disbursement Report, click 'Customize Report'.d5.png
  4. From here you can click and drag fields you would like included from the 'Available Columns' box into the 'Selected Columns' box. Anything in the 'Selected Columns' box will appear in your report.d2.png
  5. Click 'Save', and then click 'Close'.
  6. Click 'Run Report' to generate the report, then select whether you want to 'View' the report in your browser or 'Download' your report in a .CSV file format.



Glossary of Terms

  • Activity Date - The date that the customer completes their reservation 
  • Booking Creation Date - The date that a customer makes a reservation 
i.e. If a customer makes a reservation on January 1st, for a kayak trip on January 15th, January 1st is the "Booking Creation Date" and January 15th is the "Activity Date".  
  • CC Processing Fees - This will list the amount in credit card processing fees for that transaction line
  • Channel - this will be either Website or Office and let the merchant know from which sales channel the booking originated
  • Customer Booking Fee - This will list the booking fees that the customer absorbed.
i.e. If there is a $100 booking and the booking fee was $5, the customer paid $105. There would be $5 in this column. 
  • Merchant Booking Fee - This will list the booking fees that the merchant absorbed.
i.e. If there is a $100 booking, the customer paid $100. The booking fee is $5. There would be $5 in this column. 
  • Total Booking Fees - This is the total amount of booking fees, whether it's the merchant or their customer absorbing it. 
  • Transaction Amount - Amount transacted
  • Transaction Date - The date of the transaction

Important Notes

  • On your bank statement, payments will be listed from Ekoventure or ZOZI .
  • If you have not received your payment on time, make sure that you have the correct routing and account information inputted in your 'COMPANY PROFILE'.  To access your company profile click the GEAR ICON in the right hand corner of your screen and select the 'COMPANY PROFILE' tab. Scroll down to see the 'DISBURSEMENT INFO' section.



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