What is the difference between a group, private, and hidden activity?

When setting up your activity, you have the option to assign your activity a "Group", "Private", or "Hidden" type:

Group - Any customers can book this activity until the maximum capacity is met. In most situations, you would leave the type set to "Group." This is the default type assigned when a new activity is created. An activity with this type setting will appear on your customer facing calendar and in the shopping cart. 

PrivateIf you have an activity that you offer to be booked for private events, this type will allow only one customer to make a booking. Once the first customer has made a booking, the time slot will be unavailable for any other customers. An activity with this type setting will appear on your customer facing calendar (until booked) and in the shopping cart.

  • For example, if you offer private group rafting trips, only the first person/group to sign up for that time slot will be able to make a booking. That time slot will then disappear from the customer-facing calendar so that new customers cannot book to join the private rafting trip at that time.

HiddenIf you have a special activity that is not for the general public and can only be reserved by you or your staff, this type will allow you to hide an activity from your customer-facing calendar and your general "products" page. The only way a hidden activity can be booked is through the specific "Book-it" button for that activity, or via a manual reservation (i.e. by you or your staff). 

  • For example, if you are hosting a one-time only corporate rafting trip, but do not want other customers to make bookings on this trip or to see that this activity is offered, you would assign a "Hidden" type setting. The event will only be viewable within your ZOZI Advance account. 
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