How do I see my gift card purchases?

You can keep track of your gift card sales by going to the PROMOTE tab, selecting GIFT CARDS and then accessing the UTILIZATION section.

The UTILIZATION screen will show you all gift cards that have been purchased by your customers. At first glance, you can see basic information about the purchased gift card.

  • GROUP NAME: This indicates the type of gift card that was purchased by the customer.
  • CODE: This is the gift card code associated with the gift card purchase. This is separate from the booking code. This code is specific to the gift card and not the booking made with the gift card.
  • STATUSThis will tell if you whether the gift card has been redeemed or not. 
  • ISSUE DATE: This is the date that the gift card was issued or purchased.
  • EXPIRATION DATE: This marks the last date that the gift card is valid.
  • AMOUNT: The amount that the gift card is worth. Note - this may be different from the amount the gift card was purchased for.
  • BOOKING CODE: When a gift card is redeemed, the customer has completed their reservation for one of your activities. This generates a booking for that customer. 
  • EDITYou can click on the square icon in order to make changes to the issued gift card.

Clicking on the square EDIT icon brings us to the GIFT CARD UTILIZATION edit screen for that specific gift card purchase. You can see additional information about the gift card. 

Note: all fields on the left side are not editable. All fields on the rights side are editable.

You can make any changes as needed to any of the fields listed under the header Purchaser Information. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click the orange SAVE button to save those changes. 

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