How do customers purchase gift cards?

Customers can purchase your gift cards once you add the PURCHASE GIFT CARD button on your website. You can access the HTML code by accessing the PROMOTE tab, GIFT CARDS and then WIDGETS.

You can copy and paste the code into your website editor in order to create the button for your site!

Once you have the PURCHASE GIFT CARD button on your website, customers can click on that button in order to access your Gift Card purchase page:

Customers can choose from your selection of gift cards and click on the PURCHASE GIFT CARD button for the specific gift card they would like to purchase. 

Once they click that button, the customer is taken to the Edit Gift Card page. This is where the customer can read additional information about your gift card. The customer can then edit the gift card and fill out the fields for the person they would like to send the card to. They can put the fill in the Recipient's Name, the Sender's Name, and a message for their recipient.

Once the customer has filled out the fields, they can click on the green CONTINUE button:

Customers can then review their order and complete their purchase!

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