How do I create a group pricing rate?

Rental pricing can configured on the Pricing Page.

Choose the season where you want to configure group pricing.  This rental example has a Summer Season and Winter Season but you can configure your seasons in anyway you want.

Access group pricing by editing or adding a new rule in the Pricing Rules section:

Click  at the bottom of the pricing rule to create a group pricing:

Enter the person threshold in which the new pricing will be configured.  For example, enter "5" if you want to configure a different price for more than 5 people (than 1 - 4 people)

Click Save.  The pricing tables should now look like this where you can indicate pricing for 1-4 people and different pricing for 5 people or more.

Click  to add more groups.  This example shows a complex configuration with three pricing groups that all have different prices:

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