How do I set up discount codes that are specific to my rental units?

You can create discount and promotion codes that customers can use to receive a discount off their rental reservation. In order to create your custom code, access the PROMOTE tab and click on PROMOTIONS.

Create a new promotion code by clicking on the orange NEW + button on the right side of your screen.

This will bring you to the EDIT PROMOTION page that looks like this:

Fill in the following fields:

Description - This is a description of what the code is for. This field is not required. 

Code - This is where you enter in the specific code that customers will use to receive their discount. Examples might be "SUMMER2015" or "$10DISCOUNT". 

Activity Dates - Enter a start and end date for your promotion code. This is the date range for the actual date in which the rentals are used.   

Booking DatesEnter a start and and date for the time range that a booking needs to be made. This is the date that the customer makes their reservation not the date of the activity. 

In many cases, you may find that Activity Dates and Booking Dates are the same time range. We have the functionality available for you in the case that you want to separate them. The example shown below has the code RETURN15. This means that a customer must make their booking between 3/1/15 and 3/31/15, but they can make their booking for any activity date until 12/31/15.

Value - Enter in the value of your promotion code. You have the ability to set a value based on a dollar amount or a percentage. 

Calc Basis - Set how you want the code to calculate the discount. You can have the value be discounted off each person within the reservation or the code can just apply once off each booking (no matter how many people are in that reservation). 

Important: this field will only appear if you select a dollar amount value. Percentages will always apply off the reservation subtotal. If you set the calc basis to be per person, the promo code will still take off the full dollar amount set in Value (even if the ticket is less than the amount). 

Days of the WeekCheck the days of the week that you want the code to be used for.

Activities or RentalsSelect which activities or rentals you want the code to be used for. 

Once you have filled out all the appropriate fields, click on the SAVE button on the right side of the page. Now when you go back to your PROMOTIONS page, you can see the promotion code you created and click on the square icon to make any necessary changes. 



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