How Do I Refund Multiple Credit Cards?

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  • How can I issue a partial refund on multiple credit cards?

When Should I Use Multi-Card Refund?

  • When you want to easily refund a booking that was made with many credit cards all at once

Great for:

  • Businesses that have outdoor activities, tours or rentals that could have cancellations due to weather
  • Businesses that often have multiple participants attending and paying individually, like escape rooms, paintball fields and adventure parks 
  • Businesses with expensive rentals like watersports, snowmobiles & boat charters

What Is Multi-Card Refund?

Multi-card refund allows you to refund multiple credit cards, partially or fully, individually or in bulk on ZOZI Advance. This allows you to confidently charge different credit cards for one booking, with the ability to refund them. You can see a list of this refund activity in an automated email.

Pricing Tier: All tiers of ZOZI Advance can use Multi-Card refund.

How Do I Refund Multiple Cards?

  1. Go to the booking that you'd like to refund and find the 'Payments' section.mcr2.png
  2. Select 'Refund' and 'Credit Cards'. Under 'Use a saved Credit Card', you will find all the cards used for this booking. Choose the card you'd like to refund.mcr3.png
  3. The refund amount will be limited to the amount charged to each card originally. This includes charges made against a pre-authorization. Specify the amount you'd like to refund to that card and hit 'Process'.

Where Can I See A Summary Of These Refunds?

Emails can show a list of all the credit cards & the amounts that were charged and refunded against them.

  1. Tag: #customertransactionsummary
  2. Default template where this will be listed: Confirmation, Cancellation


  • Can I also see an email manifest for Charge Multiple Cards?
    • Yes it is covered under the same hashtag #customertransactionsummary. It will be added to the default template for Confirmation & Cancellation emails.
  • Can I refund straight away?
    • The payment needs to have settled first before refunding. 



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