How Do I Set Up Product Categories?

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  • How do I set up product categories?
  • How will product categories look for my customers?

What are Product Categories?

Product categories allow you to categorize your products that appear on the Products Page for your customers when they book. You can customize your product categories in 'Advanced Settings'. Your product categories are completely customizable so they can be anything you want—pick categories that help organize your products for customers, like "Activities", "Tours", and "Rentals", or "Water Activities" and "Land Activities". 

When Should I Use Product Categories?

  • You offer lots of different types of products.
  • You want to differentiate between different types of products you offer on the product page.
  • You want customers to be able to easily sort through your products when they're booking. 

For example:

  • "We have 6 different bike rental products and 3 bike tour products. It's a lot for customers to browse."
  • "We want customers to be able to find our products that are 'Great for Kids', 'Great for Couples', and 'Great for Groups'." 

How Do I Set Up Product Categories?

  1. To set your customizable product categories, first go to the 'Advanced Settings' tab under the Settings wheel.pc2.png
  2. Scroll mid-way down the page to 'Product Categories'. Click the '+Product Categories' button to add a category of your choice. Click it again to add more. Use the three horizontal lines to the right of the category name to arrange the list in the order you like. Use the 'X' to delete a category.pc3.png
  3. Click 'Save', and now your product categories will show under each individual product page. 
  4. To set a product category for an individual product, click on a product and then the 'Options' tab.pc5.png
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Options' page to 'Product Categories'. You will see a drop down menu with the product categories you created listed. Select a category, and hit 'Save'.pc4.png
  6. You can easily see the category for each of your products on the Products page, listed beneath the title and duration. pc1.png

How Will Product Categories Look For My Customers?

When customers visit your ZOZI Advance products page, they will see a drop down menu on the top right-hand corner. There they can sort your products by each category or 'All Products'. See St. Thomas Adventure Tours below for an example. 




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