Viator Integration FAQ

 Does ZOZI Charge Fees For Bookings Made Through Viator?

  • No, Viator handles all payments for Viator bookings, and ZOZI does not charge any fees on those bookings.

Will updates to ZOZI Advance and Viator be reflected in bookings already made on Viator?

  • No, once a booking is made in Viator, changes in Viator or ZOZI Advance will not update in that booking. 
  • All communication with the client who booked through Viator and updates to the booking on Viator should be done on Viator.

How do I know if the integration is working?

  • Once Viator has turned on your integration, they will send you an email letting you know when the integration is live. Until Viator notifies you that the integration is live, please continue to enter Viator bookings manually into ZOZI Advance.

How Do I Stop Receiving Bookings From Viator?

  • You can deactivate any products to stop receiving bookings from Viator. To deactivate a product, simply click the ellipses for that product and then Deactivate.

Do bookings in Viator show in ZOZI Advance even with Viator manual confirmation?

  • Yes. All bookings made show as real bookings in ZOZI Advance, even before you confirm them in Viator when you have the manual confirmation setting activated.

How do I know I'm mapping time categories correctly?

  • Keep the same time formatting in both ZOZI Advance and Viator. i.e. If you use military time in one, use military time in the other.

 What is the purpose of the ZOZI Advance and Viator adjustment?

  • ZOZI does not handle any Viator payments. All payments are handled through Viator. ZOZI still receives the payment amount from Viator and must zero-out this amount so that there is a $0 balance on the booking.

Where do Special Requirements from Viator appear in ZOZI Advance?

  • You can find any Special Requirements a customer specifies in a Viator booking in the 'Customer Comments' section of the booking on ZOZI Advance. 

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