How Do I Set Up Multi-Participant?

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  • What does multi-participant mean?
  • How can I collect details like age, weight, email and more from multiple customers in one booking?
  • How do I set up multi-participant on my ZOZI Advance products?
  • When should I use multi-participant?

What is Multi-Participant?

Multi-participant allows you to capture contact info, details and preferences from multiple customers under one group booking, as opposed to only capturing the information of the person making the booking. These details can be captured in the merchant booking form and in the customer checkout flow.

Pricing Tier: Multi-participant is available with all pricing tiers of ZOZI Advance. 

Multi-participant is only available with the embedded checkout flow.

When Should I Use Multi-Participant? 

  • Save time when customers arrive for your tour or activity 
  • Avoid asking uncomfortable questions like weight and age in person
  • Increase your marketing list by capturing more emails
  • Personalize the experience for each customer

For example:

  • “I want to capture email addresses for everyone in the booking.”
  • “We need to know the weight of each person in the booking.” 
  • “I want to know the level of experience for each person before they come in.”
  • “I need to know the names and email addresses for all drivers of the boat for liability reasons.”

How Do I Set Up Multi-Participant?

Set up Multi-participant separately for each Product on your ZOZI Advance account.

  1. Select a product, find the Participants tab, and check the Participant Information box.
  2. Select fields you wish to collect from customers during the checkout flow. Choose from: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email and Customizable Questions
  3. Select each field to be 'optional' or 'required' at the time of booking. For instance, you could choose 'Optional' to allow the person booking to skip those fields and collect the information in the office from each individual group member on the day of the experience.
  4. Specify your customizable Questions to ask customers. When you've enabled multi-participant, these questions will be asked for each person in the booking. 
  5. Only the customer who makes the booking will receive a confirmation email. If all members of the group would like to see the confirmation, the person who booked can email it to them all manually.

How Do I Access the Information I Gather From All Participants?

  1. From your dashboard view, click the three gray dots next to a product and click View Manifest.
  2. This will generate a report of all the information for people attending that tour or activity, with the multi-participant questions and information you requested for each person. 

 How Do I Tell Which Customer Made The Booking?

  1. Go to the Reports tab on your dashboard and click Customize Report under Manifest.
  2. Select the User Type field in your field selector.mp_7.png
  3. When you generate a Manifest Report for that tour or activity, you will see the User Type field that specifies either 'CUSTOMER', the person who made the booking, or 'PARTICIPANT'.mp_8.png



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