Peek Rentals FAQ

Peek Rentals is ready for you! The Peek team spent the summer collecting feedback from many of you and researching best practices to make sure the new Rentals platform would be ready to support your business grow. We’ve put together a few FAQ’s below:


Remind me, what is the ZOZI Peek Partnership again?

Peek and ZOZI are partnering to create the largest and most powerful platform for tours & activities in the world. Peek and ZOZI power thousands of businesses across the U.S. with software that helps tour operators to grow bookings, save time and money, and help them provide the best experience for their customers.

By end of of the year, all merchants will be transitioned to fully leverage the Peek Pro platform, and many of the ZOZI team members will be joining Peek.


Do I have to manually move all of my data over?

No! The Peek Team is going to migrate your business data over to your new Peek Pro account, leaving you time to focus on your customers and business.


When am I going to be moved over to Peek Pro?

We are moving Rentals operators over to Peek Pro starting now. ZOZI will be winding down all accounts by the end of the year, so the Peek Team is going to make sure that all of your data will be moved over before that happens.


What am I going to get with Peek Pro?

Peek is very excited to announce our new Rentals product is ready for you! With Rentals, you’ll have similar functionality to your ZOZI Rentals system plus:

  • Increase your sales on higher priced or long term rental products with deposits! Peek’s rentals system supports charging online deposits for rental operators.
  • Save time and efficiency by easily adjusting equipment availability on certain hours, dates and times with even more flexibility to adjust your business availability.
  • Create a great customer experience and gather relevant customer information and charge for specific answers with Peek’s custom questions on rentals. Never be unprepared for a customer before they arrive again.


In addition to these Rental specific features, you’ll also get access to other great features in Peek Pro such as:

  • Automated abandon cart emails that can increase online sales by 10% or more - check out Escape Room Brunswick’s experience!
  • Free digital waivers that can be signed online
  • 24/7 support means you’ll never be left in the dark when you need help

And more! Check out more of the benefits and enhancements here

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