How do I allow a customer to book a private room?


Give your customers the option to book the entire room at a rate that works for you.

To access this feature, please contact your account manager. If you have it activated already and want to change turn it on:

Booking a private room/event

Good for customer groups who want to book out a whole room/activity, without sharing the activity with random customers who fill up the rest of the capacity:

  • The customers can book a private room if they have a group that doesn’t meet the capacity of the room.
  • It also allows you to set the price for the private room that can be different than paying for every ‘per person’ the room can take.

In the product you would like to make 'Book a Private Room' available go to the 'PRICING' tab. There in the 'Pricing Method' section you will see a check box for 'Allow customers to make this a private event'.

Once selected and you click save, this means customers will be have the option to book a private room at the checkout flow. 

Set a price for a Private Room/Event:
Allow customers to book an entire room so they get the privacy and you get the exclusive booking

You can a change the pricing for the room so that it's discounted at the per person rate if they book the entire room:

  • At the 'Base Pricing' section add another 'category' and change the number from 1-30 to 30-30; or whatever you have as the capacity for the room.

  •  Then you can change the price per person to be cheaper. The example above the price has been changed to $13 per person if all 30 spots are booked at once (The 'Book a Private Event' box has been selected at checkout).
  • Click 'Save'

Now at the customer checkout flow the customer should be able to 'Book a Private Event' and at the new price associated with it:



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