ZOZI + Peek Partnership - Update to Disbursements



As part of the ZOZI + Peek partnership, Peek will begin managing your disbursements as early as next week. The only noticeable change is that most disbursements to your bank will be coming from Peek Travel, Inc., instead of ZOZI. Everything else, including your access to ZOZI Advance, pricing plan, and expected payouts, will all remain as usual.

Why is this change happening?

As we announced in Apr., ZOZI and Peek are partnering together to create the best platform for tour operators. We’re consolidating disbursements to a single source, as part of ensuring you can continue using the ZOZI platform you’re comfortable with through the busiest time of the year. This small change is a critical step in continuing to support your unencumbered use of ZOZI Advance in the near term.

What does this mean for me?

We’re working to minimize any impact on you. The one change you may notice is that the line item on most of your payouts will change from saying ZOZI or EKOVENTURES to now saying PEEK TRAVEL, INC.

Another minor implication of this change is regarding refunds for old bookings. After your final ZOZI Advance disbursement has been sent, refunding bookings that occurred while you were receiving payouts from ZOZI Advance will require you to enable ACH direct debit within ZOZI Advance.  You will have an opportunity to enable it in your account when prompted.

Why am I still getting disbursements from both ZOZI and Peek?

Peek will be paying most of your disbursements going forward. During the transition, a small subset of disbursements may still be paid by ZOZI, specifically those related to older card on file, activity date payout, and swiper transactions. These will still all be paid on the same schedule.

Why are you changing the ZOZI Terms of Service?

Since Peek will be handling your payments, we’re obligated to adjust our Terms of Service to authorize Peek to handle these changes. These terms are standard: all operators currently using Peek Pro have signed this contract, and they’re similar to your existing ZOZI contract.

When is the Peek Pro rentals system coming out?

Rollout of our rentals platform is slated to begin in late October. Our team has been hard at work gathering feedback from rentals operators, researching best practices, and sketching and re-sketching mockups to make the new Rentals experience as easy and intuitive as possible. We’ll contact you as soon as it’s ready!

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